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Fable Laboratory Whey Protein


This company has the best ive ever had.. The BCAAs.. I normally puke and feel bad when I take them but not from Fable. Taste great and gives me what my body needs. Whey protein is Top notch. Dissolves quick, not lumpy and taste Great in milk or water.. Also i do not get that BLOATED im fat feeling after i drink a shake either because it has digestive enzymes... 1 of the best pre workouts ive had in a LONG TIME.. Rivals some of the old ones that are banned now.. Taste great while giving me that endurance and strength i need to take my workout to the next level..

Eric L.

I was a little apprehensive to purchase at first given that cinnamon isnt my top choice in protein flavor. But the price had really sold me on it, and boy am I sure glad that i had gotten it. Some of the best flavor ever. Almost like drinking the milk left after eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, also didn't leave me overly bloated like others had and absolutely no chalky taste which is another problem I've ran into. I will definitely be buying again for a long time to come. My new favorite protein